2014 - 2015 | Design Direction: Jason Roh

Background Information

The cost of healthcare is an increasing expenditure for many self-insured organizations, and these organizations need a solution to minimize the ever growing cost to take care of their employees. Accordion aimed to combat the rising costs of healthcare by developing a solution to find the best route of care for an organization.

The solution to cut healthcare costs for self-insured organizations requires an entire platform built for all levels of employment. Spotlight was developed to target those with immediate need of care within the organization. By incorporating the personalization factor from other industries, Spotlight is aimed to find the best provider of care for each individual employee in need.

The Challenge

Studies show that the majority of people find providers through word of mouth from either friends and family or from medical professionals. While the solution to minimize healthcare costs for an organization required an all inclusive platform, the iOS application was at the forefront to drive employees to the best provider of care.

My role during this project included conducting of user research through surveys, observations, and data; creating wireframes, workflows, and high-fidelity mockups; and working alongside all stakeholders and team members to design the easiest solution to finding the best doctor.

*Due to the confidentiality of my work, product names have been changed and visual representations of my work and process have been limited. If you would like to learn more about my capabilities, feel free to contact me at


The first step to developing Spotlight consisted of competitive analysis and the urgency of a solution from large, self-insured organizations. By conducting preliminary studies to understand the market need for Spotlight, we were able to design a minimum viable product to showcase at the Employer Health Conference in 2015.

Spotlight Personas

I placed an emphasis on the personalization aspect of finding a physician due to the understanding of how people realistically find doctor. We discovered that the majority of people find doctors through word of mouth, and this was due to the levels of trust between people. With the understanding of how users prefer to find providers, I looked for personalization methods in various industries to create the best experience for users.


Spotlight utilizes a linear approach to reduce the confusion and ease the decision making process. By asking questions to learn more about the preferences of the user, Spotlight can recommend the best doctor based on user preferences and predictive data analytics.

Spotlight Arch

The above infrastructure is an example of how users are able to navigate through the Spotlight application. Users are able to find physicians easily due to the simple, linear structure we have created in Spotlight.

Spotlight iOS Questions

The user is first asked to complete a series of questions so Spotlight could learn about what type of doctor the user prefers. By asking personalized questions, Spotlight can recommend the best doctor based on specialty, education, performance, and geography.

Spotlight iOS Profiles

The user is then prompted to answer a series of new questions to further improve the match score, or is directly led to the top three doctors for the user. The user can then view the overall profile of each doctor to learn more, and after doing so, the user can then either select the best doctor Spotlight suggests or select from a new group of recommendations.

Final Design

The user experience design and user interface design required multiple iterations in order to successfully solve the problem of finding a provider. By asking personalized questions to better understand the type of doctor the user needed, Spotlight is able to recommend the top three doctors for the user's needs.

I worked with a team of data scientists and engineers to rapidly build an iOS application. Through building this application, I learned how to combine both user research and stakeholder opinions to design a product that suited an entire range of requests and needs.

Final Thoughts

Spotlight was an attempt to reduce healthcare costs for self-insured organizations by directing employees to the best provider of care for better outcomes. The goal was to improve the health of the employee population in conjunction with wellness programs while lowering expenditures. Finding doctors is no easy task, and Spotlight was created to easily find the best doctors for users' needs.

*Due to the confidentiality agreement some information has been altered or omitted.