2015 - 2016 | Design Direction: Jason Roh

Background Information

In order to improve the quality of care and increase transparency within the Medicare market, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have developed and implemented a Star Rating System. With the new Star Ratings System, both consumers and organizations have direct insight into the performance of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.

Illuminate is an extensive platform with a variety of custom modules and interactions. The mission of this page is to highlight the medication adherence module within Illuminate.

The Challenge

The Star Ratings System relies on a variety of quality metrics to generate an overall score; however, a key component to improve the overall rating of a plan is the medication adherence of members. Medication adherence requires a multi-dimensional strategy: from daily interventions to predictive data analytics. Illuminate provides insight into how plans can improve their members' medication adherence and overall quality of care.

My role during this project included directing the design; creating wireframes and workflow diagrams; building high-fidelity prototypes; and incorporating stakeholders’ opinions and user data to improve the experience.

*Due to the confidentiality of my work, product names have been changed and visual representations of my work and process have been limited. If you would like to learn more about my capabilities, feel free to contact me at


Prior to developing the information architecture and later wireframes, I researched who would utilize Illuminate within an MA plan. My initial research highlighted three main users with very different use cases: one user would conduct day-to-day interventions; another would develop short and long term quality improvement strategies; and the power user would view holistic data of his or her plan.

Illuminate Personas

Although all use cases are different, all users shared the same overall goal to increase the quality of care for its members and to improve the overall Star Rating of the plan.

Initial Design

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was initially created to understand the core features of Illuminate: Rx Monitor. The Rx Monitor is a module within Illuminate that helps the clinical support team find the right members to target and provide personalized interventions.

Illuminate Before

By working with stakeholders across both teams, my team was able to develop a high-fidelity prototype to conduct further studies.


The initial design of the Rx Monitor satisfied the needs and requests of the current user group; however, additional features and filter options were planned for the next iteration of the module.

Illuminate Trouble

The challenge of redesigning the interface of the Rx Monitor is to fulfill all standard requirements of both user groups while maintaining the same user experience. In order to prevent future problems, the goal was to design a flexible interface that would grow with the users.

Design Solution

The inital design of the Rx Monitor satisfied the needs and requests of the current user group; however, additional features and filter options were planned for the next iteration of the module.

Illuminate Dashboard

Compared to the MVP, the new design of the Rx Monitor is more flexible for the benefit of the end user. This flexibility allows custom dashboards depending on the user’s use case. The clinical support team will be able to create efficient intervention strategies while directors can view high-level visualizations and analytics.

Illuminate Filters

The biggest challenge when redesigning the Rx Monitor was incorporating a variety of future filter and sort options. While the previous design satisfied the previous iteration of filters, the new design is designed to accommodate future filter options.

Illuminate Directory

The Directory allows users to find more information of members without having to filter and sort through the various options in the Rx Monitor. This module allows other team members to update individual members' information without disrupting the workflow of the Rx Monitor.

Final Thoughts

Illuminate is a cloud-based web interface that provides critical insight into the Star Rating System to help MA plans increase their quality ratings and medication adherence score. Illuminate is aimed to improve quality of care with the power of predictive data analytics and intuitive user experiences.

*Due to the confidentiality agreement some information has been altered or omitted.