Hello, I'm Jason Roh

I’m a user experience designer
dedicated to solving the toughest
challenges, one pixel at a time.

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Illuminate is a platform built to increase Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage plans and additional risk-taking organizations. By targeting the right members and quality metrics, plans will be able to predict future Star Ratings; monitor daily and weekly interactions; and analyze outreach strategies and quality scores.

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Spark is a software product that allows risk-taking organizations better understand the Medicare Advantage market through a three-pronged approach. Organizations can now by view and compare other MA plans, dive into measures affecting Star Ratings, and utilize external data sources to design the best strategy to increase Star Ratings and improve quality.

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Spotlight is an iOS application that takes the confusion out of finding physicians or specialists. Spotlight focuses on the personalization aspect of finding the best doctors for your medical needs. By incorporating an intuitive user experience and the power of data analytics, consumers can now find the best doctor.

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Hello world!

Born in California, raised in Texas.
Currently designing, drawing, & eating things in Austin, TX.

I'm a user experience designer working in the healthcare industry, and I'm looking for new challenges- big or small. I've launched products tailored for large organizations, and I'm dedicated to solving the toughest challenges through the power of design. When I'm not busy designing products, you can find me at the nearest miniature golf course.

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